Woman Calls Herself Joran Van Der Sloot's Guardian Angel

She calls herself Joran Van Der Sloot's guardian angel. Dr. Mary Hamer, that's right she's a doctor, has been writing to the sociopath who's the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, for more than a year.

The divorced radiologist who lives near Jacksonville, Florida, has even paid more than $10,000 of Van Der Sloot's bills.

Hamer told INSIDE EDITION, "No, I'm not nuts. I have helped Joran with his legal fees."

She's visited Van Der Sloot three times at the filthy Peruvian prison where he's awaiting trial for the murder of Stephany Flores.

Video of her latest trip to the prison appeared on thedailybeast.com.

"Someone's got to stand up and fight for Joran, and I'm going to do it because I believe in him," said Hamer.

She visits Van Der Sloot for five hours at a time and says the prison is overrun with rats.

"Rats come up through the sewer pipes. So he has to stick a bottle down to make sure they don't come up at night," said Hamer.

There's quite an age difference between them. She's 55, he's 24. So is she in love with him?

Hamer said, "No, there is no romantic connection."

But that didn't stop her from writing a song for him. She's named it "Rescue," because she wants to save him. She's recorded it on a CD and she sings along to it with gusto. 

Some of the lyrics are:

"I'll help you heal from the justice...When everything has been shattered, and given up for lost, I will rescue you."

She believes Van Der Sloot has been framed as part of an international conspiracy, and that he's not the killer the rest of the world believes him to be.

"He's a gentleman. Very polite. Good manners," said Hamer.

So what does she say to people who think he's playing her for a fool?

Hamer said, "No, I do not believe Joran Van Der Sloot is playing me. I have vetted him out. I've gone there personally and talked with him. I do believe Joran Van Der Sloot is innocent."