One Brave Santa

Meet the hero Santa the whole nation is talking about. He pulled a man from a burning truck and then directed traffic safely around the smoking inferno.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke with Brad Luddeke.

Who was the Good Samaritan Santa. Trent told Luddeke, "You could have been killed."

Luddeke responded, "That never crossed my mind." 

Luddeke is a mechanical engineer and former volunteer firefighter in Dallas. He was delivering toys to needy kids when he saw a truck crash into a car and burst into flames.

The truck driver actually tried to save his Christmas presents before Brad pulled him out. "I grabbed him by the actual coat and said 'your car is on fire, let's get out of here," Luddeke told Trent.

Rescuing the driver wasn't enough for this brave Santa. cell phone video captured him directing traffic around the burning wreckage.

Trent asked Luddeke, "Did it occur to you that you were wearing a Santa outfit in the middle of all of this?"

"It did when I was trying to direct traffic and people were just stopping and sticking their iPhones out the window to take pictures. I couldn't understand if it was the car they were taking a picture of or me," says Luddeke.

Coming across the accident certainly touched an emotional chord with Brad. His 17-year-old son Jordan was killed in a traffic accident seven years ago.

Trent asked if his son's death was going through his mind.

Luddeke said, "No Sir, not till after we cleared the scene and I was on my way back to work when it all came back to me."

This hero Santa represents the true meaning of Christmas.