FedEx Goes Into Damage Control After Driver's Package Toss

It was the video that delivered some horrendous holiday attention for FedEx.

It shows a FedEx driver carelessly tossing a computer monitor over a fence, and it's now been viewed on YouTube more than 4,500,000 times.

David Letterman made fun of FedEx twice on Late Night with David Letterman Wednesday night.

Letterman first joked, "That's what they call their white glove service." 

Then Letterman read the Top Ten List of "Top Ten FedEx Guy Excuses:"

"#9. Delivery slip didn't say not to toss it over the fence."

One YouTube comment said, "No more FedEx for me."

Another said, "UPS has agreed to make this their new commercial."

Stinging from the bad publicity, particularly damaging at this time of year, FedEx is going on a Public Relations offensive. On its website, the company released video of a top executive apologizing for what he calls "totally unacceptable" behavior.

Senior VP, FedEx Express U.S. Operations Matthew Thornton, III said, "This goes directly against all FedEx values."

Crisis Management Expert Ronn Torossian told INSIDE EDITION, "I think FedEx acted strongly, and quickly and said, 'This is absolutely unacceptable. We won't allow this. We won't stand for this.' And FedEx has done a great job in handling this crisis PR."

As if FedEx didn't have enough grief, other embarassing video is suddenly getting attention on YouTube

In one video, boxes go flying off a FedEx truck one after another as the driver unloads. The packages piled up on the ground as the driver kept pitching them out.

In another video, the driver of a FedEx truck was apparently oblivious to the fact that a package was somehow jammed on his front bumper as he drove down a highway.

But it's not just FedEx. Another video shows one UPS driver who was none too careful with his delivery as he tossed a package onto a doorstep and walked away.

And another UPS worker flung stuff willy-nilly into the back of his truck.

As for the guy who started it all, FedEx says it's disciplining him and says, "The employee is not working with customers."

Maybe he'll wind up as an ex-FedEx employee.