Layaway Angels

It's the Christmas miracle that's sweeping the nation.

Good Samaritans are showing up at K-Marts and Walmarts all over America and paying off the layaway accounts of needy families - literally saving Christmas for thousands of kids!

A little girl was overwhelmed by the generosity of a total stranger who paid off her mom's layaway account in Los Angeles.

She began crying and her mother graciously said, "Thank you so much!"

And it's happening everywhere, showing up in headlines across the country.

One headline in Kentucky read, "Layaway Angel Strikes at K-Mart."

Another headline in North Carolina read, "Secret Santas' Surprise with Layaway Payoffs."

A headline in New York stated, "Strangers Paying Off Walmart Layaways."

K-Mart estimates more than 1,000 angels have paid off layaway accounts totalling $450,0000!

Courtney Lewis is a supervisor at a K-Mart on Staten Island, New York said, "I had a handful the other day. They come in everyday."

Lewis then told INSIDE EDITION one secret santa came in disguise!

'He was in disguise sunglasses and a hat. He said I want to pay off somebody's layaway - I asked him, 'just anybody's?'  He said yeah!" told Lewis.

David Wilson made his fortune selling cars. He owns 16 car dealerships in California. He called up a K-Mart in Costa Mesa and paid off every layaway account with a balance of $100 or less - 260 accounts - a grand total of $16,000!

 "Happy that I can help," Wilson said.

"It made me feel good to help hard working americans not looking for a hand out but a hand up." said Wilson.

Cynthia Morales says she was about to call off Christmas,  with no gifts for her kids.

"There is a Christmas tree up but how are you going to tell them there is no toys," said Morales.

But David Wilson stepped in and paid off the entire balance on her layaway account.

Morales confessed to us what she told Wilson, "I told him last night on the phone, you brought me back to reality. And you made me realize that even though the economy is the way it is, there are still people that care about you."

He might not have a long white beard and a red hat but david wilson and all the layaway angels out there are about as close as it gets to Santa Claus.