Madonna Badger's Brother Speaks Out

The brother of the woman who lost her three daughters in a horrific Christmas blaze is defending her from heartless critics.

Madonna Badger escaped the inferno. However, her twin seven-year-olds and her ten-year-old daughter died as well as her parents.

On Wednesday. the coroner said that the cause of all five deaths was smoke inhilation. There has been an outpouring of sympathy and grief for the family after the fire gutted the million dollar victorian mansion in Stamford, Connecticut, which had been under renovation.

Incredibly, the mom is now being attacked on the internet. One critic wrote, "I'd rather die in a fire trying to save my children than live my entire life with them dead, knowing I did nothing."

Another said, "Why didn't she go into the bedrooms and get the children before leaving the house?"

A third asked, "Why didn't she even attempt to save her children?"

Badger's brother is fighting back, writing, "Get your facts straight. She did try, she was on the roof screaming, then climbed the scaffolding and tried to break a window to get in. Who are you to judge us?"

Investigators were also quick to defend the anguished mother.

"That poor woman lost her entire family in one fell swoop. I couldn't imagine how she feels," said one investigator at a press conferance.

The devastating blaze is triggering new concern over fire safety in the home, especially after it was learned that there were no working smoke detectors in the mansion.

The tragedy overshadowed this class for youngsters at the Nassau County Fire Department, outside New York City. "If there's a fire, the smoke is up here, so you've got to stay down," said Nassau Fire Department Chief, John Murray to the roomfull of students.

In a mock-up house, children received potentially lifesaving tips on how to deal with a blaze in the home, including feeling for heat with the back of your hand.

Suggestions for parents? Buy an emergency rope ladder and practice drills.

"The number one thing is, have working smoke detectors in all areas of the house," Murray tells INSIDE EDITION.

That's a sentiment echoed by Badger's brother, who lost his parents and nieces in the blaze. "Dad would want me to tell you all to please check your smoke detectors," he wrote.

Badger's contractor boyfriend, Michael Borcino, is now speaking about her condition. He told the New York Post , "She's going to be ok. We're taking care of ourselves physically and spiritually."