Cosmetic Surgeon Reveals Why Patients May Be Refused Procedures

He's the cosmetic surgeon who reportedly refused to give Whitney Houston a facelift just two weeks before her death.

Houston reportedly failed a routine medical exam conducted just before her facelift and was deemed not fit enough to undergo surgery.

Now, the Beverly Hills surgeon who Houston turned to for her facelift is speaking out, although he wouldn't discuss her case specifically, citing medical privacy laws.

Speaking generally, Dr. Mani did told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret the circumstances under which he would refuse to perform a face lift.

Mani said, "Celebrities are indulged a bit because there's a sort of seduction about dealing with celebrities. The most important thing as a physician is to avoid that seduction."

Moret asked, "Can plastic surgery be deadly, potentially, for someone who is using drugs and alcohol?"

"Yes, absolutely. If someone is addicted to anything—alcohol, drugs, there certainly are damages to organs that can happen, and those will put someone at risk for plastic surgery. It can be deadly," said Dr. Mani.

Meanwhile, a controversy is brewing over an auction of Houston's things to be held next month.
A dazzling black dress that once belonged to Houston, and some faux-pearl earrings and a vest she wore in The Bodyguard are all going on the auction block.

The sale was announced just one day after Houston's body was laid to rest. It has the Associated Press news agency asking, "There had to be an auction, but so soon?"