Tiger Defeated at the Masters

Elin Woods fled Florida on a private jet as her husband left the Masters in defeat.

A new video shows Elin boarding a plane in Orlando, her things packed in a large suitcase. She left their two children in the care of nannies at their Orlando estate.

The Tiger Woods drama took a backseat at the Masters as another golfing great and his family stole the spotlight.

A triumphant Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy, who's suffering from breast cancer, shared a teary 25-second hug and won hearts across the nation.

"One for Amy" reads one headline. As the Mickelsons embraced, Woods walked off the course alone.

"I entered this event, and I only enter events to win and I didn't get it done," said Woods.

He finished fourth, and it was almost painful to watch him disintegrate. Although Woods was given a standing ovation by the enormous crowd, he seemed grouchy and not at all gracious.

Armen Keteyian of the CBS Early Show said, "I thought it was a big missed opportunity there for Tiger, to really thank the people at Augusta."

Tiger says he'll now take another break from golf to reflect on his future.