Hot Air Balloon Turns Bride and Groom Into Wedding Crashers

A camera was rolling as a wedding aboard a hot air balloon went horribly wrong.

The balloon with the entire wedding party on board crash-landed in someone's backyard.

And get this, the groom didn't even want to go up in the first place because he's afraid of heights.

Kerin Narcisse always dreamed of having a romantic sunset wedding in a balloon. So, she and her husband-to-be, Jonathan, the minister and ten others squeezed into the basket with the balloon operator.

Jonathan said, "It was magnificent, and then we crashed."

Kerin said, "I was just like praying that everybody would be ok."

Jonathan said, "I heard somebody say, 'Why are you going up in the balloon?' I said, 'Because she asked.'"

At first, it all went perfectly, but then a gust of wind caused disaster.

"We were heading towards the power lines, and we just missed them," said Jonathan.

Kerin said, "We bounced a couple times, then we slid and we were just being dragged by the balloon."

Jonathan joked, "The first thing I said was to the pilot, I said, 'What am I going to tell the place I rented the tuxedo.' I just saw us rolling, and getting it dirty, and ripping."

One person suffered a back injury when the balloon crash landed in this backyard in San Diego.

"Unbelievable. We're all alive," said a woman in the video.

Believe it or not, the couple went ahead with the reception.

But their marriage gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "wedding crashers."