Two Deputies Wounded In Hunt For Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner, the most wanted man in America, was allegedly involved in a last stand gun battle with police Tuesday.

Hundreds of rounds of gunfire could be heard on a dramatic live news report from the scene in mountains east of Los Angeles.

Two sheriffs deputies were wounded.

Reports said the 33-year-old rogue cop was cornered in the Big Bear ski area, close to the spot where his burned out pick-up truck was found last week.

The breaking news was carried live on the cable news networks.

Dorner reportedly staged a home invasion, tied up a couple inside and escaped in their white pick-up truck.

The gun battle erupted when fish and game wardens tried to stop his vehicle. He abandoned the truck and fled on foot to a nearby cabin where the gun battle ensued.

Earlier in the day, police revealed that Dorner may have an accomplice in the area.

According to a criminal complaint, U.S. Marshals have been "tracking the movements of a known associate of Dorner."  He's indentified only by his initials, J.Y. The document says that a relative of J.Y. owns a home near Big Bear.

J.Y. Has not been identified, but in his manifesto Dorner mentions a man with those same initials who he calls, "a great friend, entrepreneur, husband and father." "You showed me the importance of fatherhood and friendship. Love you bro."