Latest News From Haiti

"There's no other way to put it, panic is beginning to set in," says Good Morning America's Robin Roberts.


A CBS Correspondent said, "No one should ever have to see this, there were bodies and bodies piled in the streets."


The survivors of the catastrophic quake are running out of time, water, and food. ABC anchor Diane Sawyer came face-to-face with the mounting anger in the streets.


One Haitian man exclaimed, "Ain't nobody trying to help. Nobody do nothing!"


Diane Sawyer said, "I was surrounded by a giant group of people and they were yelling at me, and they were yelling about the need, and 'where is everybody, what's happened?'. I don't think they were going to hurt me, or anyone else. But it was just that close. It was a tinderbox out there."


Desperate people do desperate things. Some have turned to looting, and gangs with machetes are roaming the streets. Former President Clinton spoke to The Early Show about the intense need for aid.


"How would you feel if you didn't know anybody with water, anybody with food, anybody with a roof over their head and people were still looking for their loved ones buried under rocks?" said Clinton.


Even correspondents who have reported on the world's worst disasters find themselves struggling to convey the extent of the loss.


A Fox News correspondent reported, "One woman lost four of her children inside the initial quake and then lost her fifth and final at the hospital."


Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan broke down after hearing the cries of a mother in mourning, and his cameraman turned his lens away as Steve reported, "That kind of loss is horrific in any culture, but in a culture where you're utterly alone, it just makes it all the more difficult."


Aid is slowly arriving, as nations across the globe scramble to help. President Obama once again pledged America's assistance to the people of Haiti.


"I want the people of Haiti to know that we will do what it takes to save lives and to help them get back on their feet," proclaimed Obama.