Deer Becomes a Household Pet

This isn't a wild deer that broke into someone's house.

This deer is actually a pet! Yes, Lilly, a white tailed deer, has free reign to roam anywhere she wants inside.

Lilly's owner saved her when a car struck her pregnant mother on a road in Michigan.

She said, "As her mother lay dying, she delivered two babies. One died. The other one survived."

Now, five years later, Lilly has become part of the family. She has a special feeding area. What a spread. Sweet potatoes, cucumbers, nuts and tangerines.

She even fits right in with the family's dogs.

"The dogs taught her the ropes when she was a baby." Said Lilly's owner.

But there's one problem. It's illegal to keep a wild animal as a pet in Michigan.

Lilly's owner told INSIDE EDITION, "We applied for a permit and they actually accepted our permit and she's able to stay home with us."

So Lilly's staying right where she is. The wildest house pet in town.