Recovering Bret Michaels Wins Celebrity Apprentice

Bret Michaels came limping on the set, appearing live on the two-hour Celebrity Apprentice finale when Donald Trump announced, "Bret, I have to tell you, you're hired."

Later, Michaels said, "I'll be very honest with you, physically I'm beat up right now…tonight Trump really trumped me when he said, 'Bret, you're hired' - did he say hired or fired?"

"I loved his stamina and courage.  He wasn't supposed to be here and he insisted on being here," Trump said.

Against his doctor's warnings, Michaels flew from his home in Arizona to New York, one day after being released from the hospital after suffering a minor stroke.  

Ivanka Trump said, "You could still see the physical pain he was in. He was limping slightly.  It was a physical challenge for him to be there."

Outside the studio, there was an ambulance standing by just in case Michaels had any medical problems.  Fellow contestants were thrilled to see him.  Even his final competitor Holly Robinson Peete cried when he arrived.

Peete said, "The reality of Bret's health was the elephant in the room and it was more important he get there and be healthy than us going at each other."

Michaels said, "It was the most awesome feeling in the world, just being alive, feeling good, and being here."