Shellie Zimmerman Makes Plea Deal In Perjury Case

Now, it was George Zimmerman’s wife who was in front of a judge.

Shellie Zimmerman copped a plea on a perjury rap Wednesday, admitting that her claim that she and her husband were broke was false.

It was her testimony that got her into trouble. It happened at a bail hearing for her husband last April. Shellie spoke by phone because she was concerned about her safety.

She was asked, "You mentioned in terms of the ability of your husband to make the bond amount, that y'all have no money, is that correct?"

Shellie said, "To my knowledge, that's correct."

In fact, donors had sent more than $100,000 to help Zimmerman defend himself against the charge that he murdered Trayvon Martin.

Prosecutors say George and Shellie Zimmerman spoke in code when he was behind bars and seeking to be released on bail. The prosecutors claimed the couple discussed moving the money around various bank accounts, saying "ten dollars" when they meant "ten thousand."

At the 26-year-old nursing student's plea deal, she was sentenced to one year of probation and 100 hours of community service.