Abby Sunderland Lost at Sea, Rescuers Search for 16-Year-Old Sailor

The 16-year-old girl trying to be the youngest person ever to sail around the globe solo is feared to be lost at sea.  

Rescue crews are now frantically searching for Abby Sunderland.  The fresh-faced teen was battling 25-foot waves and high winds when she was last heard from.  

Early Thursday morning she set off two emergency distress signals from her boat and now crews have been unable to reach her.  

Abby's last recorded location was the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Just yesterday the teenager posted an entry on her blog writing "I've been in some rough weather for a while."

You can see some of the choppy waves on the rough seas in photos posted on Abby's website with the caption "the calm before the storm."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the fearless teen before she left on her treacherous 6 month long solo journey and she didn't seem worried.

"Sailing they say is 90 percent boredom 10 percent sheer terror," Abby said.

And Abby clearly had the support of her family.  "I'm a mom I don't want my kids to get hurt but there is a spirit of adventure that I think some people don't understand," Abby's mom said.

Today, Abby's father told INSIDE EDITION "The rescue effort is in effect.  She is not missing," holding out hope that his 16-year-old daughter will be rescued at sea!