Olympian Shawn Johnson Speaks Out About Stalker

Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars winner Shawn Johnson is speaking out for the first time about her stalking ordeal. The stalker, 36-year-old Robert O'Ryan, was found guilty of stalking earlier this month.

She relived the moment on Good Morning America.  "I had to go up there. I didn't want to. I kept asking if I could stay in the back room or go home. But it's something I had to do. I had to stand up for everybody else up there that's been through it."

She was also critical of the police in Alabama, who pulled her stalker over for a traffic violation while he was driving across country to meet her.

O'Ryan: "I'm meeting with her, I've been communicating with her, and uh basically I'm going to try to get her to marry me."

Police Officer: "Who is she?"

O'Ryan: "Shawn Johnson."

The police let him go, not realizing that he was a potential threat to the gymnast.

"Seeing what the Alabama cop did, you know, they let these guys go. I don't know why. But it just makes you want to be a little more cautious than you think you should be," Johnson told Good Morning America.

Her stalker will serve his sentence in a state mental institution.