NFL Draft Pick Michael Sam's Kiss Sparks Swift Reaction

There is big reaction to the NFL's first televised gay kiss. The headline-making smooch between openly gay Michael Sam and his boyfriend aired live on ESPN on the final day of the NFL Draft.

Reaction has been swift on both sides.

Former New York Giants player Derrick Ward tweeted: "Man u got little kids lookin at the draft. I can't believe ESPN even allowed that to happen."

Miami Dolphins player Don Jones tweeted "Horrible" and "OMG." He later apologized, but has been suspended till he undergoes sensitivity training.

There's plenty of support for Sam, too.

At an NBC network gathering in New York on Monday, INSIDE EDITION spoke with Debra Messing, who starred in the groundbreaking gay-themed sitcom Will & Grace. She said, "It is fantastic, it is how it should be. Talent will always win out."

Glee's Jane Lynch, herself openly gay, had this comment, "Who you love is your business and we celebrate the love of each other. I think homophobia is out the back door."