Hero Times Two: Body Surfer Does It Again! Rescue At Sea

Extraordinary video showing a dramatic rescue off the coast of Hawaii has surfaced.

Daren Jenner can be seen body surfing in the video, when he comes upon a snorkeler who is in a state of total panic.

The 55-year-old tourist immediately took control of the situation, telling the snorkler to calm down, saying, "Catch your breath, okay?"

Jenner says the snorkeler, ironically also a tourist from California, looked terrified. He was also in a state of utter exhaustion and was drifting out to sea.

Jenner told Good Morning America, "You could just see the look on his face, that look of terror. A look like, 'I think I'm dying.' "

The rescue was captured on Jenner's GoPro camera, which he had strapped to the paddle on his hand.

And how lucky was this? It turns out Jenner's a retired paramedic and volunteer lifeguard.  So he knew exactly what to do.

And get this—11 years ago he was a guest on Good Morning America after saving the life of a beachgoer who suffered a heart attack in the water. Today, Jenner returned to GMA for his second round as a hero.

The snorkeler was winded and tired but not injured. And he had only words of praise for Daren Jenner, a hero times two.

Jenner said, "I'm definitely not a hero. The full-time lifeguards, the rescue swimmers for the Coast Guard, those are heros."