Underage Playboy-Themed Birthday Party Lands Dad Under Arrest

It was a birthday party with a Playboy Mansion theme, attended by scantily clad high school kids.

Instagram photos tagged Liv's Playboy Mansion show teenage girls in bunny costumes complete with rabbit ears.

Liv is 18-year-old birthday girl Olivia Lake. She has a pipe in her mouth, mimicking Playboy founder  Hugh Hefner.

Before the party, her mom tweeted: "Happiest birthday to the baddest (blank) in town. Now don't get arrested. Love you madly. "

Liv didn't get arrested, but her dad did.

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After complaints from neighbors, police raided the home near San Diego and say they found teenagers drinking alcohol.  Two had passed out.

They charged Olivia’s dad, Jeff Lake, with hosting a party where underage teens drank alcohol.

He denied wrongdoing and said, "I took all reasonable steps to prevent the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any minor at the gathering. I did not allow the consumption of alcohol by minors."

The dad is a lawyer, no less, and even ran for superior court judge last year, but lost. Get this, Olivia’s mom, Jackie, is former president of the local high school PTA.

The town mayor, Steve Vaus, is speaking out about the party, saying, "It’s as though you're handing out hand grenades as party favors. It’s a disaster waiting to happen."

But even the arrest didn't seem to dampen the birthday. The day after the party "Olivia’s mom tweeted: Bottom line: Happy 18th birthday Liv."