Chelsea Clinton Wedding Plans Could Reach $2 Million

We now know what Chelsea Clinton will wear as she walks down the aisle next weekend, a gown by legendary designer Oscar de la Renta. The dress is from de la Renta's latest elegant and sophisticated bridal collection.

It was reported that Chelsea had considered a dress by Vera Wang. But according to the New York Times, she settled on de la Renta.  His new designs include both elaborate ball gowns and more simple, but romantic, looks.

And we're learning that the price tag for Chelsea's marriage to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky could reach 2 million dollars, according to

Here's the breakdown. Catering for 500 guests: a whopping $750,000.  Flowers:  $250,000. Another big ticket item, the lighting. It could cost as much as $100,000. Add another $30,000 for private security and it really piles up!

Good luck, mom and dad, in paying those bills.