How to Clean Your Water Bottle and Other Summer Hacks

Want perfectly sliced tomatoes? Inside Edition has got you covered.

Summer is upon is, and that means barbecues and backyard get-togethers. 

Lifestyle expert Barbara Majeski showed Inside Edition some hacks to give you more time for fun in the sun. 

First up? How to get perfect tomato slices for that juicy burger.

"Tomatoes are really popular this time of year," she said. "A great way to slice a tomato is with this fresh, unused comb. Take it and carefully pierce it into the tomato. It holds it in place and creates these perfect slices."

What's a cookout without deviled eggs? To speed up the process of hard-boiling eggs, first stick them in a pot of ice for five minutes. 

"Perfect, easy, peels right off," Majeski demonstrated.

And don't forget to stay hydrated. But reusable water bottles can be tricky to clean. Fortunately, Majeski has a tip for that. 

"Just pour some rice into the water bottle," she said. "What the rice is gonna do, it's gonna act as a little scrubber and do the work no sponge can get to."

Happy hosting!