How to Survive a Stampede in the Streets

Would you be ready if you got caught in a stampede, like the one at the Toronto Raptors celebration?

Four people were seriously injured in Toronto as revelers flocked to celebrate the Raptors winning their first NBA title. 

A sea of humanity gathered in the center of the city to celebrate the team's big victory, and when shots rang out, swarms of people ran for cover. 

The mass exodus from the parade led to a stampede, causing four people to receive serious but non-life-threatening injuries, police say

Two firearms were recovered by cops and three people were arrested. 

"I hope all those injured in today’s shooting have a speedy recovery, and I’d like to thank the Toronto Police for acting so quickly. We won’t let this act of violence take away from the spirit of today's parade," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted after the incident. 

As the good time turned bad Monday afternoon, safety expert Steve Kardian spoke to Inside Edition about what to do if you find yourself in a stampede or similar situation. 

“Always have an exit plan,” Kardian said. 

He advises to visualize the situation. Ask yourself, "If something happened, where would I go?"

“The crowd moves like a river, you won't be able to go upstream,” he said. “Move at an angle to the side.” 

Look for cover in the form of a car, a garbage can or light post. Even a doorway can put a barrier between you and the crowd. 

“It's critical to stay on your feet,” he said. 

One small push can put a crowd off balance. Kardian says to stagger your feet, put your arms up like a boxer in order to protect your heart and lungs. 

If you do get knocked down, do not lie on your back or stomach. Instead, curl up on your side to protect your vital organs and your heart.