Inside Edition Producer and Wife Document Their COVID-19 Struggle With Video Diary

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Everyday we see devastating COVID-19 statistics, but behind the numbers are real people. Now it’s hit close to home, as Inside Edition producer Charlie McLravy and his wife Lindsey recently found themselves battling the virus.

They shot a video diary of their struggles. At first the couple thought they'd get through it OK.

“Right now I’m feeling not so bad. I'm really fatigued, but I don’t have any major symptoms,” Charlie said. “I don't have a fever. I don’t have a cough. No big aches or pains. My wife on the other hand — she's miserable.”

“I just feel exhausted, like no sleep is ever enough,” Lindsey said.

But three days later, Charlie said the full impact of the virus caught up to him. “So today I feel 10 times worse than I did yesterday. I’m all congested,” Charlie said.

The days ticked by and their symptoms worsened. They took Tylenol for the intense pains and zinc to boost their immune systems. They also constantly monitored their oxygen levels and temperatures.

Sleep was the best medicine of all, and lots of friends and family called to check on them. Contact tracers also checked in with them daily. They were even able to get a Christmas tree delivered straight to their door.

Then, there was an unexpected and scary turn for the worse. One day, Charlie was rushed to the emergency room with a highly elevated heart rate. Thankfully, he was released just seven hours later, and was told it was best to recuperate at home.

Today, they are grateful to finally be on the road to a full recovery.


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