INSIDE EDITION Investigates Dirty Hotels

There's nothing worse than checking into a hotel and being surprised. For several years, INSIDE EDITION has reported on some of the dirtiest hotels in America. And we've seen some doozies. But nothing tops the surprise Senior Investigative Correspondent Matt Meagher got when he checked into what's now being called the #1 dirtiest hotel in the country: There was a guy in his bed.

It's being called the dirtiest hotel in America—the Heritage Marina Hotel in San Francisco. The reviews on are dim:

"Disgusting," "Filthy," "Cockroach Infested," "Horror Hotel," and "Had the ambience of fresh vomit."

But none of that prepared us for what Matt Meagher found when he opened the door to the room he'd just checked into.

"It's a big room...Well, this is a new one," said Meagher.

It was a body.

"There's someone on my bed," he said.

Meagher called the front desk and said, "I just checked into 206 and there's a body on the bed. There's someone on the bed in the room I just checked into."

The front desk asked Meagher if the man in the room was from housekeeping. Meagher said, "I don't believe so. Please send someone up here please, right away."

Meagher asked the man in the room, "How did you get into this room? This is my room. I'm just checking in."

The man replied, "Why the [expletive deleted] is that camera in my face? That's against the law."

Meagher asked, "Why are you asleep on the bed?"

"Dude...What does it matter?"

"How did you get in here? How did you get in here?" asked Meagher.

"Mind your business," replied the man.

INSIDE EDITION went to the front desk to tell the manager what he found.

The hotel supervisor said, "I don't know what to say, sir."

"Could anybody feel safe staying here?" Meagher asked him.

"That's why we are trying our best to do that, to address all the issues," said the hotel supervisor.

"You're trying to clean it up?"

"Yes," said the supervisor.

Brooke Ferencsik is with They recently came out with their list of the dirtiest hotels in America.

"These are simply not elements that travelers should have to endure at hotels," Ferencsik says.

Earlier this year, INSIDE EDITION went to some other hotels on the list, like the New York Inn, which sits in the heart of New York's famous Times Square. Travelers have called it "appalling" and "like something out of a horror film."

The owners say they are making improvements. When we checked out the hotel it did have a brand new TV, but it was downhill from there. Meagher found ugly stains, a mattress that was pretty disgusting, leftover garbage in the refrigerator left behind by the previous guest, a nasty shower, and sticky rodent traps hidden under the furniture.

"Every nice hotel needs one of these," said Meagher, noticing a rodent trap.

But nothing can compare to our experience of finding a body in our bed at the Heritage Marina Hotel in San Francisco.

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