Meet the 'Sleep Fairy' Rumored to Have Worked With Meghan Markle's Mom Ahead of Archie's Arrival

Brandi Jordan wouldn't comment on her celebrity clientele.

Meet the Baby Sleep Fairy. 

Brandi Jordan's A-list clients are said to include actresses Julia Stiles, Rosamund Pike and Megan Fox. She was also reportedly hired by Meghan Markle to help prepare mom Doria Ragland for grandparenting duties. 

But if you ask her, she won't tell. 

"I don't comment on new or old clients, but I do help lots of grandparents," Jordan told Inside Edition. 

Jordan emphasizes setting a routine. 

"My goal is for people to really be in alignment with what feels good so that really means doing small things over time," she said. "So that means setting a bedtime that works for you, having a bedtime routine ... that might be doing dinner and books and baby massage and a little bit of bedtime story."

Jordan added that it's important moms maintain a calm energy, demonstrating with our correspondent's own child. 

Could it be Meghan and her mom are already putting Jordan's advice to use?

"He's really calm," Meghan said of baby Archie when she showed him off to the world Wednesday. 

"We know who he gets that from," chimed in Harry.