Mom Who Cursed Students Over Daughter's Alleged Bullying Said She Was Protecting Her Child

Christian Tinsley said the teacher gave her permission to talk to the class.

A mom who took matters into her own hands after her daughter was allegedly bullied is defending herself. 

Christian Tinsley walked into a second-period class at Niguel Hills Middle School in Laguna Niguel, California, and demanded students stop harassing her 13-year-old daughter, Jade, even threatening to "f***" them up if the verbal abuse continued, video showed. 

"I was just there to protect my child," Tinsley told Inside Edition, saying that the teacher gave her permission to speak to the students. "At the time I thought the school was allowing me to do so."

She added: "I asked the teacher if I could speak to her class and she said yes, which is why she sat there for the majority of my speech."

Tinsley even handed out homemade tickets reading "Free A** Kicking."

Asked whether she regretted using obscenities, Tinsley said she did but added that she was merely trying to add emphasis to what she was saying. 

"Looking back, I do regret using the one curse word that I used, but in my mind this was not toward the children, this was me trying to get my message across to the parents," she said. 

Jade told Inside Edition that she was subject to vicious verbal abuse from some boys at her school. 

"They've called me a monkey, they've called me the N-word," she said. "And they'll just talk about me all the time. ... It kind of made me feel really bad about myself."

Jade, who was in the room when Tinsley walked in, said she was "shocked" by her mother's tirade. So were the boys who allegedly bullied her. "When my mother came in, the boys who were bullying me, they were silent," Jade said. 

The Capistrano Unified School district has banned Tinsley from returning to campus and is investigating the incident, as well as the bullying claims, officials said.

Tinsley said she doesn't believe her behavior was "appropriate" but did say she felt it was necessary.