NASA Astronaut Anne McClain Brings Her 4-Year-Old Son to Official Photo Shoot

NASA astronaut brings her 4-year-old son to official spacesuit photo shoot.
Astronaut Anne McClain brought her kid to a NASA photo shoot. Bill Stafford/NASA

NASA astronaut Anne McClain shared some adorable images of herself and her young son taken during an official agency photo shoot.

McClain, who is training for a November journey to the International Space Station, brought her 4-year-old boy to sit in on her portrait.

There's McClain, in her massive space suit, flanked by her blond-haired tyke sitting in a director's chair and holding her helmet. She's holding his stuffed elephant. 

In another frame, he plants a big kiss on his smiling mother's cheek.

The U.S. Army major, attack helicopter pilot and aerospace engineer said in a series of tweets that leaving her son behind was the most difficult part of her job. "Sometimes I bring him to work with me. Not sure who enjoys it more!" she wrote.

Her son thinks it's nothing out of ordinary for his mom to be an astronaut. Asked by another Twitter poster which was harder, going on a mission or turning one down, McClain responded "No easy answer there."

She has since taken down the tweets, but Twitter users have re-posted them, in admiration of a loving mother who nonetheless shoots for the stars.

"I cannot wait to show my 4 yr old daughter these pictures tomorrow," wrote Twitter user Miranda Kerr. "Tonight we were reading a book about space and astronauts, and she had so many questions."


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