This Neighbor From Hell Is Terrorizing Santa Monica Residents, They Say

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Residents at a Santa Monica, California, apartment building say they're being terrorized by a neighbor shouting obscenities. 

According to those living in the building, Mark Yaskoweak hurls insults and threats at all hours of the day and night. 

“Pedophiles! I’ll f*** you up you motherf***ers,” he says in one video filmed by a resident. 

Kathi Tomkins told Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero that Yaskoweak has threatened to kill her multiple times. One time, she said, she went to do laundry and he shouted, "Get out of here or I will kill you."

Betty Oliver lives next door to Yaskoweak and shares a wall with him. She said he routinely threatens to rape and kill her. 

Anna Zito lives above him. "I run up the stairs because I get scared and he says, 'You better run because in an hour I am going to kick the doors down and start killing,'" she told Inside Edition.

An eviction notice was filed in November, but the residents say Yaskoweak has refused to leave 

Even the police don't scare him. 

"What's going on sir? You are making a lot of noise and scaring people," an officer asks Yaskoweak in a moment caught on video. 

"F*** you, a**hole," Yaskoweak replies. "F***ing smarta**."

When Guerrero tried to confront him, however, Yaskoweak was suddenly camera-shy. 

"I've spoken to your neighbors and they're feeling threatened by your behavior," Guerrero tells him. 

He had no reply. 

His neighbors wish he was always that quiet.

Police told Inside Edition that because Yaskoweak hasn't physically attacked anyone, they only have a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest, which will not allow them to make a forced entry into the man's apartment.


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