Officer Moved to Tears by Last Radio Call Read From His Cop Son

A father and son were in tears during the elder's last radio call.
Roy Martin and son Billy Martin both broke down. Arkansas Highway Police

The wasn't a dry eye in either cruiser when an Arkansas cop gave his state trooper dad a special radio shout-out for his retirement.

"Attention all units, it is a great pleasure to announce after 31 years of dedicated service, my dad, Cpl. Roy Martin of the Arkansas Highway police, badge number 420, is retiring and giving his final 10-7,"  said Cpl. Billy Martin of the Arkansas State Police.

Each man was sitting in his patrol car, being videotaped by colleagues.

When the father heard his son use the word "dad," he couldn't contain his pride and tears spilled down his cheeks.

"It is my honor, Cpl. Roy Martin, to acknowledge your 10-7. To the greatest man I know, Arkansas Police Cpl. Roy Martin, badge number 420, you are officially 10-7," said Billy, dipping his chin to his chest and wiping his own tears. 

The police code 10-7 means "out of service" or "off the air."

Roy replied, "I appreciate it. And y'all be careful out there." He turned to his fellow officer as he got out of his cruiser. "That's all right, I'll tell ya," he said, as his colleagues clapped and smiled.

The Arkansas State Police posted both videos on their Facebook page. "If you come from a law enforcement family, you always have an understanding of the bond it brings. If you don't, here is your proof. Yesterday Arkansas Highway Police Cpl. Roy Martin retired after 31 years of service to the citizens of Arkansas. His son, Cpl. Billy Martin of the Arkansas State Police, had to opportunity to give his father his last 10-7 call on the radio. This was a surprise to Cpl. Martin, who had no idea his son would be on the other end of the radio," the site said.

"The Arkansas State Police wishes Arkansas Highway Police Cpl. Roy Martin a wonderful retirement, and we thank you for your service to the state of Arkansas!"

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