Only Long Hair Pets Are Allowed At the Fluffytorium Pop-Up Petting Zoo

Animals - JOHANNA LI

What do Penelope the Persian cat and Bella the Pomeranian have in common?

They’re both long-haired animals spotlighted in London’s new Fluffytorium.

Guests visiting the pop-up petting zoo are invited to play with animals like Zog the chow chow, Milan the poodle, or Pearla the Persian cat.

Officials said the storefront was opened as a response to the growing popularity of short-haired pets due to allergy concerns.

The event was also held to promote the upcoming book, Guinness World records: Amazing Animals.

"We get thousands of claims every week through the Guinness World Records offices and pets are a very popular area,” Guinness editor-in-chief Craig Glenday told APTN. “So for us, it's an exciting new venture and the chance to spend time with some amazing creatures, like Penelope."