Pennsylvania Boy, 6, Drives Himself to Brain Surgery in Hospital's Tiny Race Car

A 6-year-old Pennsylvania boy drove himself to brain surgery in a tiny red race car.

He drove himself to the operating room.

Little Logan Shane was a nervous wreck at the thought of having brain surgery, for the second time, to help repair a birth defect that left him with a permanent soft spot in his skull.

So the medical staff at Wellspan York Hospital in Pennsylvania surprised the 6-year-old on the day of his operation by delivering a red convertible sports car to his room. Behind the wheel of the tiny electric car, Logan zoomed down the medical center's hallways and drove himself to the doors of his surgical unit.

"He just saw that car and it was kind of like all his worries and fears were over," Logan's mom, Tiffany, told "It was bright red. It had like blue lights. It had a control panel. It played music, and he's just like ... everything else was done for."

Logan was born with a defect in his skull that caused part of it to be nearly transparent. "The bone was so thin, that if you were to actually shine a flashlight ... you could see into the brain," his mom said. 

Logan's parents hoped that as he got older, the spot would eventually get smaller or heal over. But that didn't happen. The boy had to be extra careful when playing with other children or participating in sports. Contact sports were forbidden. But he has played T-ball, with a helmet, his mother said.

When the boy started complaining about pain in his head, his parents decided to seek more treatment. An earlier surgery didn't do the trick. So doctors decided to try again in late November. 

Logan is home now, and recovering from his operation. He sleeps a lot, his mother said, which is normal following brain surgery. He can't play with his friends or attend school right now, and that makes him a little antsy, she added.

But he is looking forward to going back to school after the Christmas holidays. And he is also looking forward to Christmas itself. He has asked for his own shiny red Jeep.