Racers Tear Up the Road With Their Tiny Plastic Wheels in Japan's Office Chair Grand Prix

Competitors use humble office chairs as their vehicles for victory.

On your mark, get set, roll!

People in Hanyu, Japan whipped around a 200-meter track using humble office furniture as part of the latest Isu Grand Prix on Sunday, Reuters reported. 

The racers competed in teams of three, switching off to see how many laps they could clock around the track in a two-hour period.

"Isu" means chair in Japanese, and the first office chair grand prix was held in Kyoto in 2009. Since then, the sport's popularity has taken off. Fifty-five teams signed up to compete in Sunday's race in Hanyu, which is just one of 10 planned across the country in 2019. 

Nearly all of the racers chose to go backward, propelling the tiny plastic wheels of their swivel chairs along with their feet. But that has its dangers, too. Quite a few took a spill out of their chairs as the other competitors zoomed around them. 

And while it's no marathon, it's no joke, either. The physical feat left many a racer exhausted at the end of the day. Some members of the winning team, called Kitsugawa Unyu, were almost too tired to lift their prize, which was more than 190 pounds of locally grown rice. 

The next Isu Grand Prix is slated for next month in Iwate prefecture, Reuters reported.