Randall Margraves, Father of Larry Nassar Victims, Lunges at Doctor in Court

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A father of three Larry Nassar victims sent a Michigan courtroom into chaos Friday morning when he suddenly tried to attack the shamed former doctor.

Randall Margraves was giving a statement during a new sentencing hearing for Nassar when he requested five minutes alone in a locked room "with this demon."

When Eaton County Judge Janice Cunningham said she couldn’t allow it, Margraves persisted. "Would you give me one minute?"

When the judge declined again, Margraves bounded toward Nassar, who cowered in his chair as the hulking Margraves approached. 

It took three bailiffs to tackle and restrain Margraves, who didn't get close enough to Nassar to land a punch.

Even as he was restrained and handcuffed, Margraves struggled with authorities as he pleaded, "Give me one minute with that bastard."

Margraves apologized for his actions several hours later, and Cunningham declined to punish him, citing the gravity of Nassar's crimes and the emotional toll it has taken on the victims' families.

"There is no way this court is going to issue any type of punishment due to the circumstances of this case," she said.

Before the outburst, two of Margraves' daughters had spoken about how Nassar had abused them. A third daughter spoke at Nassar's sentencing last month. 

CBS News

Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison last week, following his conviction on seven counts of sexual assault in Ingham County that occurred while he was employed by Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics.

In that courtroom, a total of 156 women testified that they had suffered abuse at Nassar's hands, sometimes while a parent was in the room.

Among those who gave moving impact statements was six-time Olympic medalist Aly Raisman, who brought the courtroom to its feet with an impassioned rebuke of the doctor.

In Eaton County, Nassar has been convicted of three more sexual assault counts. Another 65 alleged victims are expected to give impact statements before he's sentenced there.

Nassar has also been slapped with a 60-year prison sentence after a child porn conviction.


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