Sarah Palin Hits the Town in NYC Without a Mask Despite Testing Positive for COVID-19

The former governor of Alaska was spotted dining out with pals at a fancy Manhattan restaurant, causing concerns she could be infectious.

Sarah Palin's defamation trial against The New York Times may have been postponed after she got COVID-19, but that's not stopping her from enjoying New York City nightlife.

The latest CDC guidelines say COVID-positive people should isolate themselves for five days and wear a mask for five days after that.

But Palin is ignoring those guidelines amid legitimate concern she might be infectious.

The former governor of Alaska was spotted dining out with pals at a fancy Manhattan restaurant, seemingly oblivious that she could be spreading the virus.

Palin tested positive on Monday and confirmed her diagnosis in an interview on Fox News. She said she felt “absolutely normal.”

Under COVID-19 protocol, Palin was supposed to isolate at home, or in her case, at her Manhattan hotel. Instead, she headed out on the town.

On Tuesday night, just one day after she tested positive, Palin came to Campagnelo, an Italian restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side. She ate outside under heat lamps, even though it was a blustery 20 degrees.

And Wednesday night, Palin was out again at another Italian restaurant, Elios, which is also outdoors. It was so cold they needed four heat lamps to keep her and her friends, including retired hockey player Ron Duguay, warm. 

At one point, when Palin went inside to use the restroom, she never wore a mask.

After dinner, she climbed into an SUV with her friends. The guy shooting the video couldn't believe it, asking the group if they were worried to get in the car with her.

Fellow conservative Meghan McCain, who is now a columnist for, says she was shocked at Palin's behavior. 

“Going out two days after you’re diagnosed is the height of irresponsibility. This virus is not just about me. It’s not just about her. It’s about our fellow citizens. It’s about the possibility of infecting other people,” McCain told Inside Edition.

McCain says she knows just how scary COVID-19 can be, having just recovered from a serious bout.

“Everyone kept saying that Omicron is so mild. And again, everybody's case is different. It’s like Russian roulette. I still can't smell or taste anything normally and then just weird side effects. You're very tired. And it’s terrifying, because it’s a terrifying virus,” McCain said.

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