Seagull Chills in Front of Traffic Camera and People Love It

It’s not clear if his goal was fame, but that's what he got.

A seagull made his media debut on a traffic camera in London. 

It’s not clear if his goal was fame, but that’s exactly what he achieved as he struck different poses in front of the camera operated by TFL, an organization that gives information on London’s transport systems. 

TFL posted the video of the modeling seagull to its Twitter on Monday and it quickly went viral with nearly 60,000 likes. 

The bird has perched himself in front of the camera at least three times, according to reports. He even landed a reporting job due to his antics, TFL joked on its page. 

"Due to popular demand, a quick update from our reporter just north of the Blackwall Tunnel....." TFL wrote on Tuesday.
Many Twitter users got in on the fun. 

“TFL Flying squad reporting,” one commenter wrote. 

Another dubbed the new reporter, “Steven Seagull.”