Teens Performing 'In the Heights' Stunned When Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Them Onstage

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who co-wrote the musical, was equally impressed with the students.

Lin-Manuel Miranda surprised a group of teens performing "In the Heights" at George Washington High School in New York City Friday. 

The high school is located where the musical takes place. Funding for the production was provided by Warner Bros., which is currently developing a movie version of the musical with Jon Chu at the helm. 

While the high school production's director, Zulaika Velazquez, knew some Warner Bros. reps would be attending the performance, he had no idea Miranda himself, who co-wrote "In the Heights," would be tagging along.

The students were stunned when they saw their idol.

"Lin-Manuel coming to our performance showed us that people with color can achieve success no matter where they come from," said 19-year-old Wilson Hernandez, who plays the lead, Usnavi De La Vega.

"To have him on stage, it meant the world to us," added 17-year-old Michelle Romero, who plays Abuela Claudia.

And Miranda was equally impressed.

"We saw 'In the Heights' in the Heights for the first time, with kids from all over the neighborhood," Miranda tweeted after the performance. "It’s cool I only cried 10 times. These kids were so good. Our future is so bright."

Check out the video above to hear more from the teens themselves about the sweet encounter.