Touching Moment Sees Owner Reunited With Painting Stolen Decades Ago

- Inside Edition Staff

It was a touching moment as people were reunited with art stolen from them decades earlier. 

A reputable auction house earlier this year informed the Los Angeles Police Department they had come across art they believed to be stolen, officials said. 

Recovered pieces included two Picassos, a work from Joan Miró and a picture and letter signed by President Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California, as well as an autograph by Marlon Brando, CBS Los Angeles reported

Detective Mel Vergara told Inside Edition that there was a specific painting that caught the auction house's attention. They recognized it from a few photos the LAPD had posted of the stolen art. 

That tip led police to issue multiple search warrants and helped recover a trove of stolen pieces. 

Included among them was a portrait of an English gentleman painting in the 1600s, which the detective remembered he'd seen a photo of in a police report filed years ago.

Inside Edition accompanied him as the victim was reunited with the piece. 

Judy Karinen said she was out to dinner when a thief broke into her home and stole it. She has since moved but said she can hardly wait to hang the painting in her new home