Utah Couple Adopts 5-Year-Old Son's Biological Sister After His Birth Mom Gets Pregnant Again

Milo, 5, is proving to be the perfect big brother to his biological sister, 3-month-old Onni.

A Utah couple knew it was time for a new addition to their family when they discovered their adopted son’s birth mom was pregnant again, and wanted them to be the child's parents.

Three-month-old Onni is in the arms of his biological brother, Milo, after adoptive parents Shanna and Joseph Weight of Elk Ridge took the newborn home.

“My first thought was like, ‘We can’t do this,’” said Shanna, a mom of three. “But if she was supposed to come home with us, all the other stuff doesn’t matter and it will work itself out.”

She explained that she and her husband adopted Milo five years ago through an agency. Milo’s biological mother was 18 years old at the time and wasn’t ready to start a family.

“We send letters and pictures every couple of months and she has written us back,” Shanna said. “We do have good relationship with her and just think the world of her that she was able to be so selfless and just allow us to be parents.”

Two years later, Shanna became pregnant and welcomed a biological baby, Nash, into their family.

When Nash was only 20 months old, Shanna and her husband were surprised with another phone call from the adoption agency, letting them know Milo’s mom was pregnant again and chose them to be the adoptive parents to Milo’s sister.

“I was in utter shock,” she said. “We were not financially prepared at all to adopt a baby.”

Milo, however, was desperate to bring his little sister home.

“He heard the conversation my husband had over the phone ... and he was jumping up and down, he was so excited,” Shanna said. “He was determined from the beginning that we were going to take them home. There was no doubt in his mind where she should be.”

Shanna and her husband gave it more thought and prayed for an answer and days later decided they could reorganize their life to welcome another baby into their family.

“I knew it was going to complicate our lives ... but it really came down to the fact that if she’s supposed to come home, and I’m supposed to be her mom, then I’m supposed to be her mom,” Shanna said.

Leading up to Onni’s birth, Milo’s biological mother came to visit the family from her home out of state and chose to deliver with the Weights nearby.

“[Milo] was really excited to meet her and she was so sweet with him and just told us how grateful she was and she thought we had done such a good job with Milo and that she was so happy we had decided to take Onni,” Shanna said. “She felt really good that they would be together with a family that she felt comfortable with.”

So far, Milo is proving to be the perfect older brother to both his siblings.

“Milo and Onni look so much alike – they have so many similarities, and Nash looks so much like me and has a lot of my personality,” Shanna said. “I know that as they grow up and become teenagers, things are probably going to change and we’ll have to deal with some issues of being a mixed-race family, but as of so far, it’s been wonderful.”