What's Melania Trump's Guilty Pleasure Food?

The first lady tries to eat seven pieces of fruit each day, but when she wants to indulge she enjoys chicken parm.

Melania Trump knows the importance of healthy eating, but even the first lady likes to indulge sometimes. 

Every now and then, Melania, 49, likes to treat herself to the chicken parmesan at the world-famous restaurant Jean-Georges in the Trump International Hotel in New York. At $68, it's not cheap, but it sure is tasty. 

Most days, however, Melania sticks to a simple and healthy diet. The first lady tries to eat seven pieces of fruit each day and usually starts her mornings with a smoothie that includes spinach, carrots and blueberries. She blends it up with apple juice and fat-free yogurt. Melania is also a huge fan of oatmeal. 

While she enjoys other indulgences aside from chicken parm, like dark chocolate and ice cream, Melania is all about portion control. 

One thing she doesn't like? Fast food, which stands in stark contrast to her husband, President Trump, who once spent $5,500 on McDonald's, Domino's and Wendy's for a feast to celebrate the Clemson Tigers' national championship.