Why Young Women Are Putting the Granny Panties Back On

Believe it.

Young women are running out to their local stores to by the kind of lingerie their grandmothers used to wear.

Believe it.

Illisa Goldman owns Illisa's Vintage Lingerie in New York City, and she says young women have been flocking to her store to buy retro-style underwear.

"All women want is to feel pretty no matter what size you are and this stuff makes you feel pretty," she told Inside Edition.

She's got items dating back to 1885, when Grover Cleveland was president.

Goldman showed off a pair of underwear and 1940s tap pants.

"My girls wear them with ... T-shirts and they wear them out," she said.

Some customers even buy the vintage pieces as wedding dresses.

"I have a lot of girls that come in for untraditional weddings," she said.

Goldman stressed that all her items are clean like new. She hand washes all the pieces herself before putting them up for sale.

"I fill up my bathtub with cold water and in my little bathroom sink I hand wash each piece and just rinse it through the tub," she said.