Woman Found Dead at Bottom of Garbage Chute After Company Party, Police Do Not Expect Foul Play

Surveillance video shows Jaclyn Elmquist, 24, stumbling on a New York City sidewalk before entering a high-rise building.

A 24-year-old woman who had gone missing after attending a holiday party was found dead at the bottom of a garbage chute. Police do not expect foul play but there are many questions surrounding the incident.

Surveillance video shows Jaclyn Elmquist stumbling on a sidewalk on Sunday night in New York City, appearing to be hurt or intoxicated. She wandered into a high-rise building in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan but she did not live there or know anyone in the building.

Friends and family of Elmquist began searching for her, posting posters describing her as 5-foot 3-inches tall and 120 pounds. The poster also says she was last seen getting into a yellow cab at Catch Steakhouse in Manhattan, where she had attended a company party.

The next afternoon, Elmquist was found dead at the bottom of a garbage chute at the high-rise in Chelsea at West 28th Street.

In order to end up in the incinerator room of the 13-story luxury doorman building, Elmquist would have had to open the chute and climb inside. Many are questioning if that is possible. Police say there is no evidence of foul play.

In another incident, Talya Prychodko’s sister, Laura, died the same way five years ago. Police said Laura was intoxicated and fell 27 stories inside the trash chute of her building. The family says they are 100 percent certain that she was murdered.

“Here we are five years later and we don’t have any answers,” Talya says.

Talya believes her sister’s case and that of Elmquist's both need to be fully investigated as potential homicides.

“It’s really hard as a woman and as her sister and as a mother of daughters to see how it is just so easy to literally dispose of a woman,” Talya says.

The cause and manner of Elmquist’s death are pending an autopsy by the city medical examiner’s office.

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