Woman Lauded For Saving Her Neighbors From Alleged Home Invasion Killer

Doreen Giuliano is no stranger to murder investigations.

A New York woman has been credited with saving the lives of her neighbors.

Psychology professor Jeremy Safran, 66, was bludgeoned to death inside his $2 million home in Brooklyn, N.Y. His wife and daughter may have also been killed if not for neighbor Doreen Giuliano, who saw his accused killer entering the home.

"He was looking left and right left and right and then he stepped inside and closed the door lightly so it wouldn't slam," Giuliano told Inside Edition. 

She texted the professor's wife: "I notice someone going down your walkway."

Then moments later: “Jen!! He went in your side door. He went into your house. He is still in your house! You have an in intruder. Do I call 911?"

In the midst of those text warnings to her neighbor, Giuliano rushed out of her house and met her neighbor in her driveway. Police had been called, but the man was still inside. 

"I said, 'Jen there's somebody in your house!’ And she said, 'You know, Jeremy is around somewhere.' Almost as if she felt safe because her husband is home and unbeknownst to us he was inside getting killed," Giuliano recalled. 
Prof. Safran was found dead in the basement. Police say 28-year-old Mirzo Atadzhanov was discovered hiding in a closet. 

Atadzhanov claims he was defending himself. He is charged with murder and burglary and remains in police custody. 

Incredibly, it is not the first time Giuliano has found herself at the center of a murder investigation:   

She gained national attention when she transformed herself from a homemaker into a sexy cougar to gather evidence to get her son, John Giuca, out of prison. Her story was recently featured on "20/20."

Giuca was convicted of murdering a New Jersey college student. She refused to believe he did it, so, she went undercover to investigate one of the jurors who convicted him.  

She succeeded in overturning the conviction and winning him a new trial. 

In the latest case, she's a witness for the prosecution. 

A GoFundMe page has been established to raise funds for Giuca's legal bills.