Woman Plays Dead All Over the World on Instagram in 'Anti-Selfie'

Stephanie Leigh has played dead in front of the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace and even underwater.

An Instagrammer invented an interesting way to capture her adventures by lying face down on the ground in all of her photos.

Stephanie Leigh has played dead in front of the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace and even underwater in Mexico as part of a project she calls “Stef Dies.”

She’s taken hundreds of photos all over the world, usually in front of some beautiful scenery. And for what? Because she is “anti-selfie.”

“The selfies that I specifically don’t like are the ones that are just on the face, where it's like you need to be beautiful. You need to follow all these set rules. That, I am not so cool with,” Leigh told Inside Edition.

She wanted people to be able to relate to her pictures and didn't want to make them about anything that might alienate people.

“This is an interesting way you can still be somewhat at the center of your photograph, but you can also allow other people in the photograph. You can allow the background to shine. [It's] a nice way that one’s not competing for center stage," she said. 

Leigh started out posting the photos on Facebook and realized people really liked them.

“I remember there was really a sort of, like, provocative email that a person who was suffering from severe depression [sent] that said, ‘I look forward to this every day,’” Leigh said.

She has since started an Instagram account, which now has more than 50,000 followers.

When Leigh is shooting the photos, she said it doesn’t draw as much attention as one might think, but she wouldn't reveal how exactly she gets the perfect shot or who, if anyone, takes the photos.

“I don’t get too many looks that I am aware of, but I also ... can’t see what’s going on,” Leigh said. “It’s usually after looking through the photographs and you’re like, 'Oh that’s funny, that person noticed,' but there’s only been a handful of times where people have come up and said, 'Are you OK, is something going on?'”

Leigh plans on continuing to take the photos wherever she goes and hopes other people get in on the fun.

Her goal “is to create people-moving and funny photos but also to put something out in the world that they can participate in, that they’re not excluded from.”