Woman Says She Can Fix Loss of Smell After COVID-19

Loss of smell is a persistent challenge for some who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Two-hundred million COVID-19 vaccine shots have now been given in the U.S., but for some who’ve had the virus, loss of taste and smell is a persistent challenge.

Marissa Karen hasn’t been able to smell or taste anything since she was diagnosed with COVID-19 13 months, no matter how pungent or spicy it is. The 27-year-old Google employee says she’s tried everything, from acupuncture to the “burnt orange” remedy.

Karen had given up all hope until hearing about Sue Phillips, a fragrance expert in New York City.

To help Karen, Phillips used 18 custom-blended fragrances with the goal of retraining her brain to smell again. Scent after scent, Karen still couldn’t smell anything. But then, there was a breakthrough with a perfume filled with the smell of pomegranate, strawberry, honeydew and berries.

“I can definitely identify it’s fruity,” Karen said.

Phillips gave Karen the fruity fragrance to wear everyday.

The next day, Karen documented her continued progress at home. After 13 months, the day she longed for finally came.

“You never realize smell is a blessing until it's taken from you,” Karen said.

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