World's Smallest Dog, Which Has Been Cloned 49 Times, Appears in Court Amid Breeding Controversy

Playing World’s Smallest Dog Lands in Court Over Cloning Controversy

Milly, the world’s smallest dog that has been cloned 49 times, recently appeared in court over a heated legal dispute. 

The breeder of the 6-year-old Chihuahua has come under fire by one of her customers, who claims the canine she received is not what she expected.

The customer says her dog, Nova, who's not a clone of Milly, showed up ill and larger than promised. She now wants a refund, and appeared on the show “Hot Bench” to settle the dispute. 

The breeder maintains there was nothing wrong with Nova and showed the court video of the dog appearing to be healthy and playful.

“They have the best care in the world,” the breeder told Inside Edition. 

The customer was allegedly told the dog would be only two to three pounds, but it is apparently larger than that. 

Milly weighs just over one pound. 

An Inside Edition crew was allowed access to the judges' chambers for what turned out to be tense deliberations.

The verdict will be revealed on the new season of “Hot Bench,” which premieres in September.


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