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The Emmy Awards Spoil Several Shows, Infuriate Fans

Playing The Emmy Awards Spoil Several Shows, Infuriate Fans

Bad news for people who like television enough to watch the Emmy Awards, but not enough to watch shows in real time: the awards show just spoiled almost every show that ended over the last year.

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Sunday’s Emmy broadcast featured a montage to celebrate shows that aired their series finales in the last year, which included clips that spoiled major moments from the final moments of Boardwalk Empire, Nurse Jackie, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and Parenthood -- some of which included some major character deaths.

Needless to say, the internet was not pleased.

"Welcome back to the Spoiler Awards!" host Andy Samberg joked when the show returned from commercial break after the spoiler-heavy montage. "I guess everyone on every show died!"

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