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Barricade Doors, Find Cover That Could Stop a Bullet: How to Survive a Campus Shooting

Playing Barricade Doors, Find Cover That Could Stop a Bullet: How to Survive a Campus Shooting

The most important lesson students ever learn in class may be how to survive a campus shooting.

Sadly, it's something every student has to think about in the tragic aftermath of the Umpqua Community College massacre in Oregon.

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Security expert Bill Stanton told INSIDE EDITION that using furniture to make a barricade can keep a gunman out of a classroom.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department recently produced a graphic training video of a shooting on a college campus - along with tips on how to survive.

“Use cover, something that will stop a bullet and concealment, something that will at least keep you out of sight!” said the video. 

Stanton added that if there is a chance to escape - take it. Running in a zig-zag pattern also makes you a difficult target to hit.

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But what if the gunman gets into the classroom - as Chris Harper Mercer did? This is the worst-case scenario because you're in an enclosed area.

Our security expert said to use every available weapon – bags, furniture and even fists to overpower the gunman.

“It really does need to be a group effort. I can either run to the back of the class and be a target, or I can fight for my life,” he said. “And the more people engaged in that fight, the better chance everyone has to survive.”

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