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Koala Joey Emerges From Her Mom's Pouch Just in Time For Christmas

Playing Koala Joey Emerges From Her Mom's Pouch Just in Time For Christmas

A koala joey has emerged from her mom's pouch just in time for the holidays.

Staff at Symbio Wildlife Park Zoo in Sydney, Australia filmed the six-month-old female joey as she finally made an appearance. 

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Footage shows the koala - who does not yet have a name - checking out her surroundings as she clings to her mom, Isabelle. They share a snack before the joey crawls back into the pouch for a nap.

"The little joey is simply perfect in every sense of the word," the zoo said as it shared the news.

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The baby is cousins with Imogen, a koala who's made headlines for being hand reared after giving up her pouch to an orphaned joey. More recently, Imogen also took part in an adorable photoshoot.

For more information, check out the zoo's Facebook page.

Watch Below: Baby Koala Climbs Up Cameraman For Some Cuddles

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