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Chris Rock Did Not Actually Raise $65,000 for Girl Scouts At The Oscars

Playing Chris Rock Did Not Actually Raise $65,000 for Girl Scouts At The Oscars

During the Oscars, Chris Rock was on a mission to help his daughters sell Girl Scout cookies.

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The comedian’s objective was to beat out rival parent Linda Dunn who’s a troop leader where Rock lives in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Onstage during the ceremony, Rock revealed they sold more than $65,000 worth of cookies. But it turns out, the numbers were inflated.

In reality 500 boxes sold for $2,500.

Oscar producer David Hill told The Hollywood Reporter: “It came from a proper family moment, and it had a comedic payoff. There’s no way that [the $65,000 total] was it, it was part of a comedy bit, and I don’t think anyone saw it as anything but.”

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Fellow Oscar producer Reginald Hudlin told the Reporter: “Chris just wanted it done by hook or crook. But it came from a very sincere place. Chris’ daughters really are in the Girl Scouts. He said, 'Wait a moment, why don’t I just put that in the show?'"

“Everyone now wants Girl Scout cookies more than ever, so I predict their numbers will be up,” Hill added.

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