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Gator Sightings Common Among Disney Visitors: 'It's a Tragedy That Should Not Have Happened'

Playing Gator Sightings Common Among Disney Visitors: 'It's a Tragedy That Should Not Have Happened'

The Grand Floridian is Disney World's flagship resort and has had its fair share of alligator encounters prior to the death of 2-year-old Lane Graves.

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In video was shot just two weeks ago by a Disney guest near the Polynesian Hotel children were heard screaming, "a gator! A gator!"

An alligator was spotted floating in the lagoon.

Another guest posted a video on Instagram with the caption: "Nobody believed me when I said gators were @ our resort 3 weeks ago in Disney. Until I got proof."

The video shows an alligator swimming above water in the lagoon.

Just last year attorney David Hiden was staying at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort when he and his 5-year-old son encountered an alligator.

"This could have been preventable, it's a tragedy that should not have happened," he said. "I'm absolutely outraged and I feel sick to my stomach. I felt sick to my stomach as a father myself knowing that almost happened to my son."

Hiden described the encounter, saying: "My son was about down to his ankles in the water. I looked up and I saw about a six to seven-foot alligator coming right at him about 10, 15 yards away. So, I ran down there and grabbed my son and as I looked down there was another alligator about the same size about coming from the other angle.

“As I walked back to the hotel to tell the manager about it the alligators followed us. They were staying parallel to the water, followed us the whole time."

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Hiden says he showed a photo to the hotel manager, who according to the lawyer said: “'Ah, it's not a big deal, those are the resident pets.’ They've known about them for years, they've never attacked anybody.”

Five gators were captured in the lagoon Wednesday.

Disney has a full-time staff focused on to controlling the alligator population

All the beaches at Disney World have now been closed.

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