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Hold Your Horses: Elderly Woman Receives Her Wish to Ride Horseback One Last Time

Playing Hold Your Horses: Elderly Woman Receives Her Wish to Ride Horseback One Last Time

An elderly horseback riding enthusiast in the Netherlands has been granted a special wish by a group of kindhearted volunteers.

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For 87-year-old Nelly Jacobs, her love for horses and horseback riding began when her uncle introduced her to the sport at age 9.

Now, thanks to the "Hidden Desires" project, Jacobs, a retired jockey, is getting the ride of a lifetime.

The event was made possible with the help of The Care Group and The Green Cross Organization Members in the Netherlands, according to

In a video posted by the "Hidden Desires" project, a volunteer escorts Jacobs, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and is confined to a wheelchair, to a local riding school where she was able to pet and feed the horses.

Volunteers lifted Jacobs with a crane and placed her on the back of two horses where she laid on top of blankets for comfort.

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Although she is not able to express her emotions verbally, her bright smile said it all.

The “Hidden Desires” project seeks to spread happiness and joy, and grants unique wishes to those who are in hospice care which include taking someone to a sports event, a new makeover, even something as simple as giving someone an ice cream cone.

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